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Do You Feel Anxious Before Bed Because You Know You're in for Another Sleepless Night?

You need your sleep, and you deserve it.  But instead you're dreading bedtime every night because sleep is so elusive.  You're wondering if you'll ever feel rested again.

You're having a hard time performing at work, and your mood is affecting your relationships.  Sometimes you feel more anxious or depressed after a particularly bad night's sleep, but it's hard to say which came first.

Insomnia causes fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It has been liked to numerous health problems, including pre-diabetes and weight gain.  It can lead to daytime sleepiness or the tendency to fall asleep while driving. 

We all need sufficient sleep in order to feel refreshed, recover from exercise or injury, and function well mentally.  If you're not sleeping, you're not functioning at 100%.

Some things that affect a good night's sleep:

* anxiety, worry, or "busy mind"

* jet lag

* shift work

* working late on your computer

* extreme "night owl" tendencies

* Seasonal Affective Disorder (sleep patterns can change drastically at different times of the year)

You've ruled out all the medical reasons for your insomnia, and yet you still can't sleep.  Your doctor may have offered you medication to help you sleep, but that's not what you want.  You want help with the underlying problem, and you certainly don't want to feel hung-over in the morning from taking drugs to help you sleep.

My specialty is working with people, just like you, who are tired of being tired, and who want to fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed.

Let's talk about what's keeping you up at night.  I offer a free telephone consultation to assess whether you might benefit from my services. 

Then, I can do a Sleep Inventory to assess your sleep history and identify factors that might be hindering you.  Together, we can make a plan for calming your mind and improving your sleep environment and habits.  Many people are able to improve their sleep by making some simple changes. 

To arrange for a consultation, please contact me at the phone number or email address below.

You deserve your sleep.

(206) 529-0196

3027 NE 96th Street
Seattle, WA 98115

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